The Do’s and Don’ts of Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is here, and we hope you are ready for all of the craziness that comes with it, because it will be a few days full of crazy shenanigans! We experienced it firsthand, so that we can give you the best tips to enjoy your first time in the holy land of beer! Do come […]


7 reasons not to use a travel consultant

Are you considering using a travel consultant for your next vacation or cruise? Here are the top reasons not to……   You have lots of free time – You have all the time in the world to go from travel website to travel website researching a destination and trying to figure out where to stay […]


Travel to Cuba is changing as commercial flights begin….

With the recent news of the Obama administration easing restrictions on US travel to Cuba and all major airlines beginning commercial flights to the island, interest in this island nation has reached a fever pitch. The new rules permit Americans to take “people-to-people” educational trips, among other categories permitted, allowing individual travel as opposed to […]


Travel through a childs eyes

My trip to Europe Who did i go with? My family. We went to go see my mothers side of the family in England. The first night , we had a home cooked meal and everyone was there, Including my step grandmother ”Sue”, my grandfather, my aunt Lotty, and there dog too. My mother used […]

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Chile and Easter Island Exploration by Nora Howfield

I am so thankful for the opportunity that was offered to me to experience such an amazing country. I will also like to thank Lan Airlines for their exceptional flight and comfort. I must say that the service was outstanding and the staff absolutely charming and professional. Specially thanks to The Ritz Carlton Santiago and […]


Where in the world is HOT?

Claire visited Tideline Hotel Palm Beach What was the highlight of your trip? Family afternoon on the beach during low tide, perfect for a seashell hunt and a jump in the little swimming pools created by the low tide What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? Families, bachelorette and […]

Jet fuel is by far every airline's biggest expense, and the cost of it fell by 50% in 2014 alone. Ticket prices have not declined accordingly. In fact, airfare edged up 2.3% through November, 2014, according to industry trade group Airlines for America.

Oil is cheap, so why aren’t airfares?

I remember when the airlines would come to our office complaining that they were losing money because the price of oil was so high $140.00 per barrel. Their solution was to add fuel surcharges to the fares of up to $1000.00 for a round trip business class ticket to Europe. We as consumers understood this […]


Hello world!

So here we are, HOTWTF. The rogue blog of House of Travel created to provide a channel to share many cool things with our friends and clients . We will post about travel, of course, but not the way you expect. There will be cool offerings for world events and destinations, new niche markets and […]