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Spring break road trip!! School is out!

By: Olivia Peters (13 years old)

School. It has pros and cons, but when it comes to breaks, it’s amazing. Especially Spring Break, this year in 7th grade I went on a huge road trip with my family.

Colorado here we come! We left Saturday morning at around 5 o’clock in the morning, and it took about two days to get there. Don’t worry, we stopped and stayed in a hotel in Missouri; and my parents rented this really cool van that we drove in. Skip forward to Sunday afternoon when we arrived in Colorado, Springs. We met up with my Aunt Vickie who lived there and set our bags down to get settled in. I never realized how pretty Colorado was.


We did so many great things in Colorado; first we went skiing at Loveland Ski Resort, we did it for two days. The mountains there are huge and nothing like the mountains in North Carolina. The best part were the donuts that we ate at 10,000 feet in the air. They didn’t even taste like donuts! The skiing paths were so nice, long, and just wow.


The next thing we did was something different for everyone’s likes. I went horseback riding and we saw so many famous mountain ranges, my brother went rock climbing; The rocks we HUGE! My parents and my aunt went to Went to explore around the garden of the gods. That’s were I horse backed and where my brother rock climbed.


We also went and drove up Pikes Peak and there were a lot of rocks piled on each other and me and my brother Christopher went and climbed down the rocks. I was terrified, but it was pretty cool and a really nice view. After our week long adventure we left at about the same time before. We said goodbye to my aunt and started to drive back. What a great trip.

PikesPeak pp

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