Must haves for frequent travelers!

A working passport! First and foremost make sure that your passport is always up to date, most countries require 3-6 months left on the passport for you to be able to travel on it.


Global Entry and TSA PreCheck. These programs are a must for frequent travelers. They help you avoid the long immigration and customs lines when arriving and also fly thru the pre-boarding TSA checks where available.


Selfie stick. I know, they seem super cheesy, but if you’re traveling alone and hate asking other people to take pictures of you, this is the ideal product. You can get wide shots with incredible views and super cool, creative shots!


Portable battery chargers. Spending your entire day sightseeing? Well between taking pictures, social media, and long days you will definitely need to recharge so don’t fret and have one of these on you.


Medicine, all types of it, specially prescriptions. You never know where you will be when you come down with something and you will surely want to have the right things to combat it. You may not be able to find you go-to medications out of the US so stock up!


International credit cards. Make sure that when you’re on the go, you’re using your travel friendly credit cards; you know the ones without those pesky foreign transaction fees. It will save you on that extra percentage they love to tack on.

FILE - In this March 5, 2012 file photo, consumer credit cards are posed in North Andover, Mass. The Federal Reserve reports consumer borrowing data for April on Friday, June 6, 2014. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)

A good carry on. I cannot express enough how important this is. Get yourself a carry on that fits everything you need without being bulky and fit perfectly in the overhead. This prevents lots of future fights with flight attendants, trust me, I would know. Side note: the 4 wheelers are great for running through the airport totally effortlessly.


Noise cancelling headphones! Pretty self-explanatory, but just in case these are pretty damn great when you’re on a plane with crying babies, fighting parents, and bratty teens!

noise cancelling

Space-saving bags. These are great if you’re like me when it comes to packing, three days of vacation = 75874 outfits. You can use these to maximize the space in your bag so you don’t have to cut back on packing.


Universal adapters. They usually provide them in hotels at a charge but do you really want to rely on other people? These are great because they can be used anywhere in the world!


A cute small notebook. Good for keeping track of all the yummy restaurants, vibrant nightclubs, and your favorite attractions.


Dry shampoo. For all of you girls out there this is essential, you can spray and go with a fresh look for all your instagram worthy pics.

dry shampoo

Neck pillows! Find the one that suits you best because you will be putting this to use a lot. It may look a little bit nerdy but who cares what they think when you’re snoring on the plane and they can’t even get comfortable.

neck pillow

Colgate wisps. Don’t forget really cute mini toothbrushes can help you stay fresh and clean on the road. Did you take the red eye or an overnight train? Swipe, brush, be minty fresh!


Cleansing wipes. Really convenient to have when you’re on the go, never know when you will need to clean something up quickly or pop a squat in the bushes.


A travel wallet with RFID blocking shield. These are able to fit all of your travel documents, ID’s, credit cards and they prevent anyone from stealing your identity, no brainer.

rfid block

TSA approved travel size bottles. This has it measured out for you so that you don’t have to squint and search the entire bottle for the number of oz’s in it and will get you through security fast.


An easily storable backpack. Perfect for your days walking through the city. Purses are a pain in the ass to carry and can cause back problems if the weight isn’t distributed to both sides, a string bag for example can be stored anywhere and fits all of your daily needs. We recommend the anti-theft ones, they’re a bit pricier but worth it.


Sarong They can be worn in so many different styles, used as a blankets, for picnics, literally everything. Don’t travel without one!


Our last recommendation is to bring your sense of adventure and leave your inhibitions back at home!

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