Where in the world was the HOT team?

Claire traveled to Naples, Florida

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What was the highlight of your trip? I loved the bike tour I went on with my daughter from the hotel to the village shops on Venetian Bay. It is a cute street strip mall on the intercostal which has an Italian feel to it due to its slow paced environment, just perfect to relax in.

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? Families and couples. Naples is just a quick two hour drive from Miami that has a completely different atmosphere, making it like an oasis. The hotel has a pool has a slide which is perfect to entertain the kids. They have various meeting & event spaces, and even a quiet (but small) adult pool. The Beach however is located 1mile from the hotel. Transportation is provided but it still takes a while and the beach isn’t the nicest one in Naples here, very narrow. So if you’re a beach person, this isn’t the best place for you.

What would you recommend here? Definitely take a bike tour around the peaceful neighborhood to admire mansions and lush gardens. Bike rentals are free of charges. The Spa is indeed beautiful. Baby alligator watching in the little lake is entertaining.

Jerry and Doris Traveled To Okeechobee, Cartagena, and a River Cruise in France

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What was the highlight of your trip? The cities of Avignon and Arles. In Avignon seeing the Palace of the Popes, and in Arles we followed the spots where Van Gogh painted some of his masterpieces which as an art lover was so exciting to see firsthand. Good thing we didn’t find his ear on the trail.

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? Anybody interested in Art, Wine, French Food, Roman History, Christian history, and of course Macaroons!

What would you recommend here? In Arles the coliseum and the amphitheater were fantastic. In Avignon the Palace of the Popes. Just walking the streets makes you feel that you have gone back in history to another time

Michelle traveled to Cartagena, Colombia

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What was the highlight of your trip? I went for a wedding so all of the activities centered around it were the best. My highlight of the trip (besides the actual wedding) was the awesome day we spent in Isla Baru, a private island just a boat ride away from Cartagena. There was a huge pool where people were raging spring break style, crystal blue water with water sports, lots of dancing, tequila, and a fresh seafood lunch!

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? I think the ideal clients for this location are really anyone. Great for bachelors/bachelorettes and weekend getaways because the Colombians definitely know how to party. I stayed in the brand new Hyatt Hotel near Boca Grande first, and the hotel included a chic rooftop bar, infinity pool overlooking the incredible ocean view on one side and the marina on the other, and rooms complete with minimalist décor to complement the city. This hotel was a major contrast to The Santa Clara where I spent the rest of my stay, being that it used to be a monastery there is a lot of history there, it is traditional Cartagena vibes throughout the hotel, all open air complete with flowers, and open air balconies!

What would you recommend here? I would recommend having a drink on the Tcherassi hotels rooftop bar at sunset, you will be impressed. You should also experience a chiva ride while you’re here and a nice day trip to the islands!

Cynthia Visited The Marina Ship by Oceania:

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What was the highlight of your trip? It was just a one day visit on the ship, but I loved the beauty of it. The food was presented really elegantly and tasted delicious.

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? I think the clientele for this cruise is a bit older, this is more for relaxation and doesn’t really provide many activities for young ones. So couples, and honeymooners, this one is for you!

What would you recommend here? The rooms are done very beautifully, and are a bit larger than most other ships, and the small intimate casino.

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