Best Honeymoon Destinations Around The World!

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No. 1 South Africa:

Why go here: South Africa is the perfect escape for every kind of person. You like cities filled with culture and history? Well then Cape Town and Johannesburg are for you, with things like the Mandela House, Apartheid Museum, and so much more. You love to disconnect from the world in a remote location surrounded by some of the most incredible animals in the entire world? Go on a safari in Kruger Park, watch lions chase gazelles in their natural habitat, or elephants roaming in their packs. Not only do they offer these things but it is also an incredibly romantic destination, whether it is a private dinner on Table Top Mountain, drinking in the wine lands under the twinkling stars, or relaxing and enjoying the luxurious tents with your S.O.

HOT Tip: Combine South Africa with the Seychelles for a perfect beach escape with your other half.


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No. 2 Bora Bora:

Why go here: The views weren’t enough to convince you? Okay well, it’s as simple as sand, sun, and sex. These over the water bungalows offer privacy so you can really enjoy your honeymoon the way that you want.

HOT Tip: We would recommend about 4 days spent here, and combining it with Australia and New Zealand!


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No. 3 Greece:

Why go here: Are you a history fanatic, but also a lover of beaches? From the Acropolis to the Parthenon and everything in between, Athens will surely satisfy your thirst for knowledge. As for romance, nothing will beat you and your S.O. sipping on champagne while watching the sun set on the Greek Isles. Luckily Santorini and Mykonos understand the need to escape and most of their properties do not allow children, because no one wants to see or hear kids while on their honeymoon.

HOT Tip: Spend the day on a boat with a captain that will take you to explore the surrounding islands and provide extremely fresh (just caught from the ocean) lunch for you.


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No. 4 Italy:

Why go here: Because what girl doesn’t want their very own version of Roman Holiday? This country feels like it never left the 50’s giving you a dose of old Hollywood romance and glamour no matter where you go. Walk through the cities lining the Amalfi Coast and be transported to another world the picturesque scenery is even better in person, if that seems possible. Live through the magic of taking a gondola ride with your partner under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, and then make your way over to Tuscany where you can fulfill your princess dreams and stay in a castle complete with cooking classes, views of the vineyards, and wine flowing like water.

HOT Tip: The best designers in the world come from Italy and have their flagship stores there, beware because you will be dropping a lot of dough.


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No. 5 Jamaica:

Why go here: For all of the stoner couples out there this one is for you. With weed being recently legalized in the country you are free to roll one, smoke one… or twelve, whatever you prefer! You can lay on the beach completely comatose while having endless amounts of food and alcohol brought to you. Sounds like the stoner dream to me, what could be better?

HOT Tip: Don’t forget to get some jerk chicken while you’re there, no matter where you have it in the world, it will never beat Jamaica’s.


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No 6. Japan:

Why go here: Japan is a dream honeymoon destination. Where else could you experience ancient traditions, impeccable hospitality, world-class cuisine, and about a million instagram worthy views? Not to mention the fact that they’re home to the infamous fish market where you can get the freshest sushi for a real Japanese experience.

HOT Tip: Go during cherry blossom season, it is unreal to see everywhere covered in them, the vibrant pink color of them really changes the whole look.


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No. 7 Costa Rica:

Why go here: For a little bit of R&R with a twist! This location is ideal if you’re looking for something a little more ‘adventurous’ on your honeymoon, but don’t want to sacrifice luxury and indulgence. You can be caught lounging with your spouse in your own private plunge pool while looking at the massive volcano encompassed in its very own hot springs. In Costa Rica your only limit is time, because here you can do adventurous things like white water rafting, ziplining, kayaking, cliff jumping, nature walks through the rainforest, and so much more. Who knew romance and adventure could go so well together?

HOT TIP: Combine the beach resorts with the volcano so you can experience both relaxation and some craziness.


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No. 8 Maldives:

Why go here: This is hands down one of the hottest and most romantic locations to visit in the world. Being mostly untouched by people this is an experience of a lifetime, imagine having the ability to lay on the soft white sand, plunging into the crystal blue waters, and realizing that you guys are basically alone out there. I know, it sounds like heaven and will be your own personal version of it. Just add in a couples massage, some water sports, a glow in the dark beach, and lots of champagne.

HOT Tip: You can only stay here for a few days without going broke, so combine this with another country nearby, we recommend either India or Thailand.


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No. 9 India:

Why go here: For the pure luxury of the country. I know, luxury is probably not your first thought when it comes to India, but hear me out. Many of their hotels are palaces that have been converted to hotels giving you extremely large and spacious rooms, they’re designed to fit the culture of the city, and the service cannot be beat. You are treated as well as the royal families would have been in the past. On top of this you are able to see the architecture around the country such as the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jaipur (the pink city) and so much more. I can give you a myriad of reasons to visit India but that list could last forever so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it!

HOT Tip: If you want to see the sun rise at the Taj Mahal you need to wake up at 5am, Yes that definitely sucks but I promise it’s worth it.


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No. 10 Thailand:

Why go here: Thailand is a place that will cater to all of your fantasies; gorgeous landscapes and architecture, especially in Bangkok, the city where everything that glitters is gold. The blissful beaches like Koh Samui and Phuket that feature extravagant resorts right on the water, so many places to bring out the adventurer in you. They have amazing food just don’t think too much before eating it! Thailand even has the infamous mind blowing full moon parties in Koh Phangan which are definitely all night ragers. – You name it and you get it!

HOT Tip: Make sure to visit the markets, it is a huge part of their culture. Some of the best markets are Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Tha Kha Floating Market near Samut Songkhram and Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar.

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