Where Was HOT Last Month?


Eva Traveled to Bogota, Colombia!

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What was the highlight of your trip? Bogota Colombia

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? This is a modern Cosmopolitan city, very affordable and trendy. Prime tourist destination with a rich history and legends, as well as colorful culture.  The city has amazing food and night life. Uber ready, thankfully. You will see a security presence at most hotels and streets. Nice welcoming local, best of all it is a city that can be explored by foot

What would you recommend here? I recommend taking an Uber and going to visit the colonial neoclassical landmarks. Museums such as the Botero and Gold, Churches La Candelaria located in the historical zone. Zona T and G of the city for gastronomic food and bar zone. Monserrate Bolivar Square, Church of San Francisco, Cable cars to Monserrate. Church and museum Santa Clara, and of course the salt museum.


Claire Traveled to Miami Beach, Fl!

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What was the highlight of your trip? The Show at the Faena Theater, the level of professionalism when it comes to performers, musicians, lights, staging is incredibly good, never seen in Miami and such mesmerizing experience. This is a cabaret show in an all red & gold theater, mixing sexy scenes (always tasteful and elegant) with dancing and musical performances.

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? I would recommend this to adults who appreciate elegant and high quality entertainment. It is totally worth the price. The Living room is also a nice place to have a drink.

What would you recommend here? The theater turns into a night club some nights, check the website for the calendar. I wouldn’t recommend the dinner in the theatre though before the show as other restaurants within the Faena have different atmospheres (Pao, Asian  or Los Fuegos, Argentinian Steakhouse)


Doris and Jerry Traveled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

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What was the highlight of your trip? The Mosque at Abu Dhabi

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? People who want to experience a different culture but also want to be able to have many of the items they are familiar with; from McDonalds to Ruth Chris, or for you Miami people Zuma, and Coya.

 What would you recommend here? Since the UAE is a beach resort; families, since it is a night time resort; party people, and since they have every great restaurant; foodies, basically there is something for everybody.


Daniela Traveled to Chicago, IL!

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What was the highlight of your trip? Went for a wedding.. been in Chicago. Been there many many times and I love it!

 What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? It is a New York City feel, offering you everything from shopping to theater to arts and it is a beautiful city.

What would you recommend here? I would recommend Navy Pier here, the infamous Bean located right in Millennium Park, and the pizza of course!


Michelle Traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica!

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What was the highlight of your trip? I went for a bachelorette party so it was non-stop fun the entire time. One of the highlights for me was the lazy river and the giant water slide!

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? I would recommend this destination for basically anyone! We stayed in The Hilton Rose Hall, and it had a little bit of everything. We stayed on property throughout our time there and enjoyed things like the lazy river, waterslide, jerk chicken hut (it was delicious). The perfect client for this would be bachelors, bachelorettes, families, and anyone really looking for a fun quick getaway!

What would you recommend here? I would recommend the incredible views here, as one side is the crystal blue ocean and the other side is an amazing view of the mountains!

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