Adventures of the HOT team in December around the world!



Jerry Traveled to London!

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What was the highlight of your trip? The special exhibits at the museums. Revolution at the V & A, Rauschenberg at the Tate, Abstract at the RA

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? Besides art lovers, people who like history as all three were about the changes going on in the world in this century. Revolution from 1966 to 1970, Rauschenberg about the 50 through the 80’s, and the Abstract was the 40’s and 50’s

What would you recommend here? All three exhibits and of course London because “when a man tires of London he tires of life” or in my case with the shopping so cheap “As long as the credit cards work, the women are not tired”


Carmen Traveled to Marco Island!

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What was the highlight of your trip? The white sandy beaches and super calm gulf water, the food too, they had so many choices!!!

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? It is only 2 hours away from Miami but a whole different universe, it is great for just laying back and relaxing, going for a bike ride, collecting shells, or just have a drink while watching the beautiful sunset around a fire pit, surrounded by tiki torches!

What would you recommend here? The JW Marriott! As soon as you pull up you get a very Hawaiian feel, the rooms and extremely spacious, with balconies that have a view of the never ending ocean, plus their 2 for 1 breakfast is a great value!

HOT Tip: Pinchers; the seafood restaurant is delicious and very affordable, plus you can’t go wrong with their happy hour deals.


Claire Traveled to Naples, FL!

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What was the highlight of your trip? Watching the sun set over the ocean, the audience clapping at the end of show (aka the tourists in bikinis). Walking along the beach and discovering the beautiful sand sculptures and… a Christmas tree, roots in the sand.

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? I would say this is mostly for families and anyone looking for some peace and tranquility, because the nightlife is limited for party animals used to the Miami scene.

What would you recommend here? Osteria Tulia, a yummy and affordable Italian restaurant with a pretty terrace on picturesque 5th avenue. Renting beach chairs at Naples Beach resort ($25 each). I am not fan of the hotel but the location is close to downtown, public parking is next door and the beach is surrounded with multi-million dollar beachfront houses.


Susy Traveled to Islamorada, FL!

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What was the highlight of your trip? I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Morada Beach Café

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? I would recommend this to somebody who likes nature, and likes the show Bloodline, as it is filmed here!

What would you recommend here? I would stay at the Mooring’s Village and Spa, it is the perfect property, they have cottages and villas giving you the opportunity to feel right at home while on vacation.


Teresa Traveled to Rome, Italy!

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What was the highlight of your trip? To me, The Vatican was the most meaningful site I visited throughout my time in Rome!

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? I think that Rome is the perfect place for people that love history, and want to have more general knowledge of the Catholic religion.

What would you recommend here? Everything, this is the type of city that can accommodate anyone whether you are just walking around and exploring, sitting down and having coffee in a famous Piazza, or simply eating the best pasta in the world, you can’t go wrong here!


Doris Traveled to London!

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What was the highlight of your trip? Highlight spending time with my daughter, of course….. no better family destination (short of a cruise)

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? All ages/all types of clients.. London NEVER gets old, and there is so much variety in the city, you can always find something for anyone and everyone.

What would you recommend here? Best Christmas city in the world!!! Christmas markets were open up until Christmas day cooking, ice skating at the Somerset House and then shopping through Fortnum and Masons pop up shop, plus Winter Wonderland, the ultimate place fun!


Eva Traveled to Salt Lake City, UT!

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What was the highlight of your trip? This city is unknown to many but elegant and trendy, motivated by art, museums and theaters. Diversity is one of their major highlights. Salt Lake loves the Mormon lifestyle as much as they love their Mexican restaurants. Cozy and unexpected, folksy like Boston without the weird accent.  Laid back like Seattle but a lot more sun than they have.

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? Can be for all kinds of clients, corporate and leisure. Young crowd destination, adventure tours, river tours and outdoor rush clients

What would you recommend here? SLC does have everything in trendy corporate downtown and in Copper City side, including restaurants, bars, and theater.

The snowcapped peaks of Wasatch Range, Ski resorts like Park City  a lineup of canyons and options for hiking, climbing and camping. Great things to do in Salt Lake are boating, floating, rafting, bike adventures, and river expeditions. Of course all of this is possible with a very restricted alcohol lifestyle. Lastly, let’s not forget the National Parks!


Alley Traveled to Cuba!

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What was the highlight of your trip? The people of Cuba are amazing, they are open and so willing to tell you their story and their family history. The City itself is full of history and 2 forts that were built in the 1400’s to keep out Pirates. Havana was a very large trading destination.

What do you think is the ideal client for this location and why? This destination I feel is not suitable for young children yet  as there are not lavish hotels or interactive children activities . This is a destination  for anyone who wants to be enriched in culture and history and in a destination that has not changed for many years.

What would you recommend here? Against popular belief the food is quite good and not super expensive. 100% no credit cards work in Cuba so it is a destination that requires cash only, I found that the best exchange rate was at the airport. Going to the bank to do a money exchange was truly an experience reminiscent of the 1940’s bank teller from “It’s a wonderful life”. We only traveled to Havana and it is a great destination for a quick 2 night visit. To truly get the full benefit of what the city and surrounding towns have to offer I recommend 4 nights so the traveler would be able to get out to the beach Varadero, Viñales to the lime stone hills and to do a full day of touring to Hemingway’s farm house.

HOT TIP:  Must see; Havana Club Rum factory, Cigar tour was really an educational experience on the 100’s of years of rolling them by hand, A 1950’s vintage car ride, a 2 hour walking tour with a guide to learn about the history of Old Havana.

To learn more about Havana check out our next House of Travel newsletter, with exclusive information and tips!

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