Jerry’s Corner – Favorite Cities to Visit

10) Budapest Great churches, castles, the second largest synagogue in the world and to top it all off a night life that ends at 6:00 am, and unlike Miami the drinks with brand alcohol are $3.00.

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9) New York City You how most people born in New York believe the world revolves around the Big Apple, I am not one of those, but I can still appreciate the city for what it has to offer. Many neighborhoods make it almost like a video game. Is this street safe, what great store will I find here, how is the pizza in this place.

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8) Bogota If all it had was my wife being born there that would be enough, but the changes that have gone on over the last few years makes it an exciting vibrant city.

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7) Jerusalem The city that is home to 3 major religions makes it fascinating in its own way, but to be part of history makes it that much more special. You do feel spiritual when you are here and if it ever gets overwhelming just head to Tel Aviv, and get back to decadence.

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6) Queenstown The adventure capital of the world, any city that can get my fat ass in a helicopter to the top of a glacier and 30 minutes later to a beach is a place worth visiting. I did chicken out on the bungee jumping but did manage a 5 mile hike through glaciers in the rain.

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5) Chicago It is like New York only much cleaner and with nicer people and completely different pizza. On our last visit we did the architecture tour from the river which was well worth it, and then after the culture hit up Lollapalooza. We went from intellectual to ratchet in a matter of minutes.

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4) Cape Town When I came here on my honeymoon I knew it was magical, but as I have returned it only got better. Imagine 30 minutes to the left you are in wine country, 30 minutes to the right you could be surfing. (notice I said you not me), and 40 minutes behind you, you could be on a safari.

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3) Paris museums (mostly expensive), food good enough to be worth the heart attack from all the butter, shopping, makes this a top city. Plus since Doris speaks French and I don’t she gets to fight with everybody and I just get what I want, that is a win-win.

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2) London, museums (mostly free), great food, culture, etc. plus as Samuel Johnson said “when a man tires of London, he tires of life”.

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1) Miami because in the words of Dorothy “There’s no place like home”. When you look at all our city has to offer and you take advantage of it, the place is paradise, except for the lousy sports team.

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