Why you need a HOT travel agent in your life…Especially last week!

By: Lauren R. (Miami)

Last week was crazy due to Hurricane Matthew approaching and “phew” Miami got lucky…really lucky! Although Miami and Ft Lauderdale where spared from the destruction and flooding, this hurricane affected many places up the eastern coast creating a huge travel nightmare for many of our corporate and leisure clients. Every email and phone call we received was URGENT as we had to rebook more than 100 passengers for flights, hotels, rerouted cruises, closed airports and changing airline waiver policies. The pressure was LEVEL 5, curse words and incessant phone ringing creating a crazy atmosphere to work in.


While government officials advised everyone to stay in their homes and close businesses, the “bad ass” HOT team was here going to war for our clients, keeping them away from harm’s way and getting them home safely.


Doris and Jerry, our experienced and dedicated owners, kept the agency open Thursday and Friday and saluted the remarkable team for their unparalleled efforts in customer service in the face of a disaster. With that said, we also want to thank our travel partners for keeping us updated and understanding the extremity of the situation to allow us to rebook and make the changes necessary for our clients. Our relationship with them is key to making it happen as smooth as possible.


Our agency made magic happen by rebooking tickets, finding space for locals in hotels to the west and providing a personal connection for our travelers when they needed it the most – a time when personal attention and a human on the other side of the phone line is most important.


This is one of the most clear reasons why you need a travel agent in your life. Travel plans, weather events, political and security threats can change in a few hours, creating chaos. That is when you need a qualified, experienced team by your side, looking for solutions and having your back!


If you were one of the hundreds frustrated by monitoring the weather, trying to rebook hotels while thousands of others were trying to do the same exact thing, calling the 1800 numbers stuck on hold for 5 hours or standing in the never ending customer service line at an airport, we are sure you cursed, wished you could just send an SOS signal and some superhero would save the day. That is what HOT delivers. We at House of travel love hold music so please, let us do that for you!



As much as we love making miracles happen, don’t find yourself trying to contact an agent when it’s too late, with a booking made through another source because unfortunately, we can’t help you when you didn’t do the booking with us!

So when another Matthew returns BE PREPARED! Come join our Hurricane party because we will be here, having your back & getting it done.

We also take a moment to pray for the lives lost and their families and hope recovery will be swift.

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