Coolers. Drinks. Chaises & More. A First Timer’s Perspective on Soho Beach House

March 31, 2011

So like most of us Miami locals, we get asked all the time where we should stay when friends from out of town come to visit. Now of course there are literally hundreds of hotels on Miami Beach, let alone hundreds more strewn across South Florida. Luckily for our friends (and for you, our readers) we pretty much know the major ins-and-outs of the best local hotels and based on what one is looking for, we can come up with some great recommendations right off the bat.

Recently we had some friends in town who were in the mood for some fun and sun (naturally). We immediately thought of the Soho Beach House, one of the best places in Miami to enjoy our beautiful March weather. We wanted to let this post to be a bit different; the perspective comes from our friends who were first timer comers to the hotel. Enjoy!

As our group of four arrived at Soho House and passed a friendly bevy of security, we confidently walked into the direction of Soho’s beach area and hunted for four lounge chairs to claim as our own. I mean, it was only P.M. in Miami Beach; of course there would be a bounty of chairs waiting for us…right? The logic of our thinking was definitely flawed. Lessons learned—if you want delicious, comfy chairs, get to Soho early!

We settled for second best and were provided towels to sit on the sand with by Soho’s friendly staff. Just as we were settled in our sandy spot, we were blessed by the Soho gods and exactly four chairs became available. It was sudden and wonderful…this was surely a sign of great things to come.
We eased into “Vacation Mode” as we settled into our most-comfortable-chaise-lounges-you-could-ever-imagine. As we looked around we noticed a peculiar object in front of us. It had a rectangular shape. It was red. And it was filled with ice, water, and oranges. A cooler on the beach provided by a hotel? Very seldom seen and a great idea. This is just one little touch that made our day spectacular.

Miami Beach, Soho House

Immediately, we began ordering drinks. When in Rome you do as the Romans do, and when in Miami we do as the Miami locals do—drink. Our drink order did take a bit longer than we expected…but our waitress is so nice we really didn’t mind. We kept her quite busy and before we knew it we had ordered 4 rounds of drinks. Like I said when in Miami…

Lunchtime did not disappoint either—we kept hearing about Soho’s pizza and how we had to try it so of course our curiosity was piqued.  Pizzas were ordered along with a bottle of Rose champagne–which was kept nice and cool during our meal because we had it in the wonderful igloo.

The afternoon began to ebb and sundown was upon us so we decided to venture to the 8th floor to the rooftop pool where we watched the sun fall softly behind a wall of palm trees. Where had the day gone? We debated going home, but the idea was quickly vetoed as we realized that we had not yet explored the Havana themed restaurant on the second floor. As if we hadn’t yet had our fill of drinks, we ordered a pitcher of Margarita (while some of the party poopers drank double espressos). I’m not sure if it was the margaritas or not, but the bar area seemed to be crawling with beautiful people. We felt quite glamorous.

Soho Beach House is all that it’s hyped up to be. It’s warm, inviting, glamorous and a really good time. We fell in love with the casual glamour and can’t wait to be back and another fun filled day and night.

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